Savor food & wine this week with some Guilt Chocolates

Imagine trying food and wine from vendors all across the Metro Detroit area, but staying in one place and all for one price! You can do just that this week at Savor Food and Wine Week. We were joined by Joe Nader, one of the executive chefs at Guilt Chocolates and by Lauren Mohon, marketing and events director for Hour Detroit Magazine.

At the Savor Food and Wine event you can indulge in the perfect chocolate and wine pairing. Nadar showed us a few examples you can expect to try while at the event. He made a hand-rolled truffle filled with chocolate ganache, which is a chocolate, cream and butter mix, and then the truffle is dipped in tempered chocolate and coated in a chocolate nib topping. 

You can try Guilt Chocolates on Thursday. There will be a VIP preview night that will give guests a premium experience where they can taste fine red wines paired with chocolates and gourmet bites. Followed by the Food and Wine Festival on Friday, August 10th and Saturday August 11th at the Detroit Zoo. Tickets are available.