Could you ace this beer taste test?

Jason Carr and Michelle Oliver taste test beers ahead of the Summer Beer Fest

If you are a fan of beer then we have an event for you to check out, or if you are not a fan of beer, this could be how you get into it.  We're talking about the Summer Beer Fest which is happening in Royal Oak this Friday, August 10th.The event starts at 7:30 pm, or 6:30 pm if you get a VIP ticket, and lasts until 10:30 p.m. at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. There will be over 50 breweries, spirits, live entertainment and games.

Ahead of the big event Cicerone beer server Aaron Tyrell put Live in the D's Jason Carr and Michelle Oliver to a blind taste test to see if they could tell the flavor added to the beer. Here are the beers they tried:

Detroit Garage Project - Strawberry Rhubarb Tripel


Hopin Frog – Grapefruit Turbo Shandy


Atwater Whango - Mango Wheat Fruit Ale


Rochester Mills - Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout


Jason Carr got them all correct, and Michelle Oliver guessed only the Blueberry Pancake Milkshake Stout correctly.  Conduct your own taste test at home and tell us how you did. 

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