Start your back-to-school shopping with Great Lakes Crossing Outlets

Now's the perfect time to take advantage of some great back-to-school deals. Melissa Morang, is with our friends at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hill.  She joined us in the studio with great deals when it comes to back-to-school shopping, as well as a few young models to help out.

Adam was wearing a sporty style from the Nike Factory Store, Alex is getting ready for middle school and rocked a trendy style from Justice - Just for Girls along with a Vera Bradley lunchbox, Allie is off to college this year so she is wearing a jewel tone hues jacket and jeans from Buckle with a Vera Bradley backpack.

Morang also brought in a few dorm room essentials from Bed, Bath and Beyond including a bunk shelf, steamer and collapsible laundry basket. Bed, Bath and Beyond even has school lists for you from the universities so you can find what you need for the dorm rooms. She also mentioned that Great Lakes Crossing Outlets will be having a back to school bash coming up on  August, 25 where you can meet some mascots and find back-to-school shopping with great savings.

To find out more about Great Lakes Crossing Outlets in Auburn Hills including directions, business hours and the full line-up of all the shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, visit their website https://inc.swoogo.com/smallbizsalute/