When it comes to cosmetics when is it smart to save or splurge?

You've been there in the cosmetic aisle staring at all kinds of products at all kinds of prices. But just because the price is higher does not necessarily mean it's worth it. So when is it better to splurge? And when is it better to save? Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined us this morning to help us get the most out of our investments along with Kila Peeples and Michelle Oliver. He put Tati, Michelle and Kila to the test to see if they know what products to save or splurge on. 

They started with skincare do you save or splurge? They all said they would splurge. Jordan said splurge if you can but you can also save as well. When it comes to mascara they are all in-between. Jordan says that it can depend on if you have sensitive eyes or not, or wear things like contacts. When it comes to lipstick they all said they would save. Everyone has their own ways of saving and splurging when it comes to cosmetics, but now maybe you can save some money on a couple items you've been splurging on.