Head to Ann Arbor this weekend for the best blues music in town


Many big stars have played at a particular local festival over the years including, Ray Charles, Al Green, Etta James and more. This weekend, you have the chance to be in attendance at the 49th Annual Ann Arbor Blues Festival. The festival line up is full of musicians who are considered to be some of the best in their industry. For Music Monday, we had one of the artist playing at the festival join us in studio to play for us. 

Larry McCray is a guitarist who has perfected his craft through many years of experience playing and touring with talented musicians that you love. He has played with musicians like, B.B. King, Muddy Water, Buddy Guy, Etta James and more.

Originally from Arkansas, McCray moved to Detroit to live with his sister. He said, his sister was a musician and from living with her he picked up the guitar and found his love. We asked McCray what he likes most about blues music, "It's intangible," he said. "Blues music is the one that immolates the most emotions. You can touch it in the fact that you can feel what it is saying. If it's a good blue musician, his story is convincing. You believe what he is saying, and it's all about the presentation." 

McCray performed "Let Your Soul Shine," a popular song released by him nearly 25 years ago.

The Ann Arbor Blues Festival runs Friday, August 17th through Sunday, August 19th at Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds and Sunday at The Blind Pig.

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