Is it ever OK to snoop?

The What's The Buzz panel discusses when it is a good idea to snoop

Is it ever OK to snoop? And if so, when? That is the topic tackled by today's What's The Buzz panel featuring local author and motivational speaker, Mimi Brown, radio host Lauren Crocker, from The Blain Fowler Morning Show, and local teacher, actor, and comedian Mark Sobolewski.

First up for discussion: Do you ever snoop on other people's conversations? What about friends? Family? Strangers? Brown got the group started, saying that she did some ear hustling, also known as eavesdropping. Sobolewski said he listens for the tone to get weird before he decides to listen. Crocker agrees, saying that when people get quiet, that's when it grabs her attention. 

So what about text messages? Is it ever OK to snoop on those? Sobolewski says that is a "no go" for him. "If you are going to snoop, you're probably going to find out something that you didn't want to know, " said Sobolewski. Crocker, on the other hand, said, "If it's open, it's right next to you, you're bored." Brown seemed to agree with Crocker. 

Next up: What about airline passengers? Sobolewski says he has learned his lesson, after doing it once before. He spied on the person in front of him and they were watching "Flight," the Denzel Washington movie where the pilot crashes the plane, and he had to do deep breathing exercises to calm his nerves. Crocker says sometimes it is hard not to look, especially with the bigger screens. Brown agreed with Sobolewski, saying she also learned her lesson the hard way. 

What about internet history? Is it OK to snoop on that? Brown says if it is your kids, absolutely. The rest of the group agreed, saying it is a matter of safety to check in on what your kids are up to. 

We asked our viewers as well, and this is what they had to say:

Is it okay to snoop and if so when? #whatsthebuzz

Posted by Live in the D on Monday, August 13, 2018