How do you get into school spirit?

Very soon, the kids will be off to a new school year. We had three teachers join us on the show to share their thoughts before the kids walk through the door on the first day of school. 

We welcomed, Lance Reed, a pre-school teacher with Starfish Family Services, Mark Sobolewski, a middle school teacher in Ann Arbor Public School District and Sara Sonnenfeld, a high school teacher at Warren Fitzgerald school.

We asked what is the biggest mistake that parents make when it comes to their kids on the first day of school.

Reed said in early childhood development schools, he often see separation anxiety with not only the children, but the parents as well. The biggest mistake he sees is the parents staying around too long. "Drop the kids off so that we can begin to build that bond and build that safety net so that they can start to trust us."

Sobolewski said, for middle school sending the students off to school with more than what they need is a big mistake. "No tubs of slime." "Something always makes its way into the classroom that does not need to be there."

Sonnenfeld says that "Parents forget to just talk with their high schoolers. Asking questions like "How are you?" "how do you feel about the year?" "What are you going to do different this year from last year?" 

Lastly, came a major tip from the teachers that parents should give their child for the first day of school. Make sure they are prepared. "Bring a pencil!" Said Sonnenfeld. As well as having those conversations with the child so that they come relax yet excited for a great year.