The Photo Sensei teaches the art of cell phone photography

If you want to sharpen up your picture taking skills, she's a pro to go to

Whether it's a selfie or a snap of your family, your pet or your food, we all take pictures with our cell phones.

Did you know there is a company in Detroit that will teach you how to take the perfect picture? Our Kila Peeples met up with Photo Sensei to learn some new tricks of the photo taking trade, this time with a smaller camera.

Asia Hamilton, or the Photo Sensei, has been teaching people how to improve their cell phone picture taking game since 2014. She took her skills as a professional photographer and used them on a smaller camera.

The class shows you a variety of things, not just how to keep you finger out of the picture or keep them from being blurry.

Hamilton not only teaches people how to excel in cell phone photography here in the D, but she also hosts classes in Dallas and Chicago.

The Photo Sensei also has sip and shoot classes, where you take pictures and partake in a glass of wine or two.