Is summer over after Labor Day?

'What's the Buzz' panel discusses end of summer

This week, Live in the D's "What's the Buzz" panel discusses whether or not Labor Day marks the end of summer. On the panel is Blaine Fowler, host of the "Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD; Marlin Williams, a technology strategist who is also known as "The Scotchanista;" and Kim Trent, a local writer and regent at Wayne State University.

First up: When is summer over? Trent was the first to answer, saying, "Labor Day is the end." Williams, however, disagreed, saying summer is only over when it starts to snow. Fowler said summer time for him is dictated by when his kids are out of school. When they get out of school in May, summer starts, and when they go back to school, summer is over, despite the temperature it may be outside. Live in the D host Jason Carr said since his daughter just reached 48 inches tall, Cedar Point is still on the calendar for this year since she can now ride most of the rides. 

Next topic: When looking at the change of seasons from summer into autumn, do we look so far ahead that we sometimes miss the present?  Fowler got the conversation rolling saying someone on his show said that there are already Christmas decorations up at some stores. Trent chimed in, saying she doesn't like it because it takes away from the holiday season. "Part of the charm of it is that it is brief, it's special," said Trent. Williams said she likes to live in the now and that she doesn't shop for Christmas until two weeks beforehand. 

Third topic: Do you think Labor Day is the right time for the last vacation trip of summer, or is Labor Day the time to stay home with the kids and take it easy before the hustle and bustle of the school year begins? Trent said it is too late to go on a vacation because that is the time when you need to prepare for "real life."

Final topic: What season do you shop for this time of year? Fowler said he is all about back-to-school shopping.

Then, Michelle Oliver came on with what our viewers had to say on the topic, and it turned out they were quite opinionated. See their comments below. 

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