Do people take sports fandom too far?

Our 'What's the Buzz' panel tackles sports

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Football season is back, and that creates some interesting situations. To tackle these topics, we invited Lauren Crocker, who is part of the Blaine Fowler morning show on 96.3 WDVD; Tony Frost, a local singer and musician; and Jason Hall, with RiDetroit, into the studio.

First up: If you are not into a certain sport or much of a supporter of a certain team, do you watch or go to games with your significant other if they are into the game, or do you just let your significant other enjoy the game themselves? Crocker started the group off by saying you go to "eat eat eat." The rest of the group tended to agree. Hall said, "I would hope by then they would know if I was into it or not, and not try to force me to be into something." Frost agreed, saying, "food is always the safe zone."

Next up: Does passion go too far with sports and teams? People shouting in public or in front of friends they're watching the game with -- how much is too much? Is it okay? Do people really take it too far when they don't really have much stake in a game? Both Frost and Crocker jumped in by saying no, it doesn't go too far. "That's your time, " said Crocker. "I think for a lot of people, especially when you get to go to a game, experience it, how often does that get to happen for everyone? Go for it! Wear the hat, the jersey, the matching shoes, the socks, the underwear, the whole thing. Scream and yell, I think it is great." Frost was very much in agreement, saying, "when you're passionate about something, go all out with it."

Third topic: If you are a big fan of a team, is it okay to watch  big games when you are at a special function, like a wedding, birthday party or shower? Hall got the group going on this one, saying, "Weddings are boring half the time anyway, until you get to the open bar, so it is all good." Frost agreed, but said you should do so discreetly. Crocker, who is getting married this year, said she planned her wedding day so it didn't interfere with any major games and that she didn't mind if people watched discreetly on their phones. We also posed this question to our Live in the D viewers and this is what they had to say:

The final topic: Are sports games getting too expensive? Most of the panel agreed they were and Frost said if your team doesn't have a winning record, you shouldn't be charged so much money. 

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