Get cracking at the American Lobster Fest this weekend

There will be a wonderful sound echoing throughout the D this weekend and it's the cracking of lobster shells. The Great American Lobster Fest, the Midwest's largest lobster and seafood event, will be stopping by Hart Plaza where hundreds of those red crustaceans will be devoured.

Wednesday, Kila Peeples, along with Jason Carr were joined by Chris Harton and chef Nick Wilson, of the Lobster food truck. Wilson was here to show Kila and Jason how to properly open a lobster to get all of the delicious meat out of it.

He first started with the lobster tail and then Kila was able to successfully get the meat from the claw. After the event's five-year anniversary in Chicago they decided to take it on the road. They've made stops in Nebraska, back to Chicago and now, to Detroit. This is the event's first year in Detroit.

The Great American Lobster Fest will feature more than just seafood items. Harton mentioned the event will still feature classics like burgers, hotdogs and an Italian food truck. This event will take place all weekend in Hart Plaza.