Border City Style in the D

Some styles are timeless, but you might consider this one timely. Thursday, Jason Carr was joined by the C.E.O. and Creative Director of Border City Style ,Jonathan Van Lare. He was in studio to discuss a new way to keep time with a distinct watch inspired by the Windsor-Detroit border and the days of prohibition. Van Lare told the interesting background of Prohibition and how alcohol was smuggled across the Windsor- Detroit border. Border City Style's first design is a watch named the Rum Runner. The top half of the dial represents Detroit, and the bottom of the dial represents Windsor. The open skeleton in the middle of the watch represents the Detroit River. Border City Style has a very cool way to try on the watch and see how it looks on your arm. You can print out a logo and put it on your wrist, then you use an app to see how the watch looks on your arm in augmented reality. There's a deep discount on the watch and future purchases available.  To learn more about these special deals, the Kickstarter campaign that's underway and his watches, visit bordercitystyle.com