Michael Bolton shows us what he loves about Detroit

When a man loves... a city? Singer Michael Bolton, whose biggest hit was "When a Man Loves a Woman," may not be from Detroit but he has a deep connection to our city.

Botlon is the director and executive producer of the documentary released this year titled "American Dream: Detroit" and over the years he has fallen in love with the D. One of his favorite places in the city is Hitsville USA. He cited the major influence Motown had on him and how the museum really speaks to him as an artist.

He also really enjoys Campus Martius. Bolton loves to see all the people that tourism has brought to the city of Detroit. He is also a fan of Shinola watches and confessed that every time he walks into the store he knows he'll be buying something and shipping it back home.

Bolton also frequently visits London Chop House to have a nice dinner and then head upstairs to play pool for hours.

He said he often ends his nights visiting Cliff Bells and might even appear on stage and perform a few songs. The most important thing he loves about Detroit is simply the people that make the city special.