"White Boy Rick" director in Detroit

Director Yann Demange raves about the actors and the real "White Boy Rick"

The city of Detroit is once again the backdrop on the big screen as "White Boy Rick" hits theaters nationwide.

The story of Rick Wershe is well known from our own in-depth coverage right here on Local 4, but this movie doesn't solely focus on the rise and fall of the young drug dealer. Instead, much of the movie focuses on the relationship between Wershe and his father, played by Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey.

The film’s director, Yann Demange, and resident movie critic, Greg Russell, stopped by Live in the D to discuss “White Boy Rick”. Demange said the reason he wanted to make the movie was because of the tumultuous connection between Wershe and his father. He said it gave him more insight on the story of  Wershe and how he went from drug runner to an FBI informant as a teenager.

Demange also praise both McConaughey and newcomer Ritchie Merritt for their performances in the film. He said it was mesmerizing to see McConaughey, a seasoned actor, adjust his reactions to what Merritt was doing.

Demange said he also enjoyed getting to know the real "White Boy Rick" and how it was important it was to tell Wershe's story.