Fall back into a healthier routine with Weight Watchers

Get healthy by adding vegetables to your delicious desserts

For some people, New Year's is the time to make new resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles, but the fall season is a great time to get back on track because kids are back to school and  families get back on schedules.

Chef Isabella Nicoletti, from our friends at Weight Watchers, has some great recipes to help you "fall back" into a healthier routine.

One way is to sneak in more vegetables into what we eat, for instance, adding mild-flavored veggies to delicious cakes. Chef Nicoletti says various mushrooms are a great choice including portobello and cremini. She also brought a carrot-cabbage cake, which introduces a vegetable not many people eat.

Chef Nicoletti also brought a rice pudding topped with sautéed mushrooms and raisins, and a pie filled with coconut and butternut squash. She encourages people to mix sweet with their savory as a way to get the fiber and nutrients many vegetables supply.

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