Good laughs in NBC's 'I Feel Bad'

When you're a mom, boss, wife, friend and daughter it can be a lot to handle. That's the premise of the new show "I Feel Bad" from executive producer Amy Poehler. It stars Sarayu Blue and Paul Adelstein as Emet and David, a couple trying to make their way through life with kids, jobs and their family.

Tuesday, both stars joined Jason Carr via satellite. Blue said the show differs in how realistic it is and that it shows the struggles of parenthood. Blue says her character is very human and makes a lot of mistakes.

Adelstein sees the relationship between David and Emet as very loving. He said they constantly work together, but will dig themselves into holes that they have to help each other get out of. Adelstein sees his character as incredibly high strung.

They both said they felt the pressure to make Poehler laugh and they cite her as being very supportive.

A special series premiere of "I Feel Bad" airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. following the finale of "America's Got Talent," then you can catch the show at it's normal time on Thursdays, starting Oct. 4 at 9:30 p.m. on Local 4.