Fall fashion trends - are they hot or not?

The ladies of Live in the D decide whether to 'invest' or 'ignore' fall trends

The fall season officially arrives on Saturday, and the cooler weather arrives this weekend as well , which means it's time to start wearing fall fashions.

Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan stopped by Live in the D with the latest fall trends. Kila Peeples and Michelle Oliver joined Tati Amare to decide whether they would invest in the new looks or ignore them.

Some of the looks include menswear, such as wearing a pocket square as a scarf or herringbone pattern. Everyone agreed this a style to invest in and one that has been popular for a while.

Another look to consider was futuristic which makes your look pop with metallics or sparkle in sequins. Tati and Michelle both said they we're sure about the style, but thought it could work here and there. Kila said it's a style she would ignore because she wasn't a fan of the look. 

Other looks included fall floral, oversized clothes and accessories, and topping of a look with a hat. Jon also touched on the heartland trend, which incorporates Native American prints and patterns, shearling-lined clothes, and turquoise jewelry.