The vet is here to answer your pet questions!

We love pets here at Live In The D, and keeping them happy and healthy is important to us. We brought in Dr. Kelley Meyers, a veterinarian with our friends at the Michigan Humane Society, to answer some of the questions you have about your pets.

Our first question is from Cristin who says her English Bulldog is underweight and wondering what is the best food to help her gain weight?

Dr. Meyers says weight alone does not give you the full story, instead she likes to look at body condition, which is similar to BMI for humans. The dog should be brought into a vet and given a body condition score which ranges from 1 to 9, with an ideal score being between 4 and 5.  If the dog appears to have less than an ideal body condition, the vet will determine how much weight the pet needs to gain and can recommend the number of calories necessary to get them there.  

The next question is from our viewer Linda, who says her dog Suki is 2 1/2 years old and had an altercation with another neighborhood dog a few weeks ago and is now afraid to go outside or go on walks. What should she do?

"Dogs, just like us, can get fears of things," says Dr. Meyers. Unlike humans who may think to just avoid that house, a dog thinks of things much simpler and will think going out that same door will cause something bad to happen. She recommends you desensitize that trigger by using treats to lead them out of a different door. You can also try going a different direction, using a toy instead of treats, or play outside in the yard for a little while before attempting a walk. Start slow and work your way out. There are also behaviorists for dogs if the problem persists. 

Our final question is from our viewer Carol who says her dog has a bump on her eyelid and she is wondering if it could be a stye or something more serious?

"This is really common, especially in older dogs," says Dr. Meyers. The majority of them are benign or non cancerous. Removing them is the best way to know if they are cancerous or not. These bumps can also get bigger over time, so getting them off early is recommended. 

For more information visit the Michigan Humane Society's website at michiganhumane.org, or call (866)MHUMANE.

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