This art fair in Ferndale is funky

Things are getting a little funky out in Ferndale this weekend as the "Funky Ferndale Art Fair" sets up Friday, Sept. 21, through Sunday, Sept 23. This brings together artists from as far away as California. We had two artists join us in the studio to tell us about some of their art -- Joe Lamontagne and Elenor Aro. 

Aro is a 16-year-old Detroit artist who brought in a few paintings of the city of Detroit. Some paintings were water color and some were acrylic paint. She enjoys the art scene because she likes meeting new people and getting inspired by other artists.

Lamontagne is a metal artist who creates sculptures with a blow torch, along with other pieces of gear. He brought in metal sculptures of some of his work which includes robot sculptures.  

You can find all kinds of funky art in Ferndale this weekend -- photography, painting, drawing, woodworking, glassblowing, metal workings and more. The fair is located on the east side of Woodward Ave. on 9 Mile Rd.