Do you mind spoilers?

It's premiere week on Local 4 so What's the Buzz is discussing TV!

It's premiere week here on Local 4, with all your NBC shows returning, and some new ones premiering, so we thought we'd talk about TV! Joining us in the discussion this week are: Lauren Crocker, who is with the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD; Marlin Williams, a technology strategist and founder of Sisters Code, you can also find her on YouTube as the Scotchanista; and Jason  Hall with Ride Detroit.

First up: Do you prefer to binge watch shows or wait to see them one at a time? What about appointment TV, do you still plan certain nights around the time your favorite TV show is on?

"Binge baby, binge," said Crocker. She says she has a limited amount of time to watch TV a week, so she tries to get in as much as possible during those times. Williams also likes to binge, for what she says are selfish reasons. "I want to keep watching. I don't want to wait for weeks to find out what is going on," said Williams. Hall agreed, saying he likes to watch it all without the wait. 

Next question: There are so many shows out there now from your standard TV/cable stations to original streaming shows, do you try and avoid spoilers with your favorite shows?  Is it realistic to think you can avoid spoilers with the internet and social media? How do you avoid finding out what happened if you are behind? Do you care if you know what's going to happen?

Hall got the group started saying after his show, Power, comes on he avoids all social media until he watches it. We also asked this question of our viewers and Michelle Oliver came in with what they had to say. People came in on both sides, with one even saying people who spoil shows should be "severely punished." Check out some of the comments below:


Onto the next topic: At the Emmys last week, streaming services won the majority of awards. Do you think original series on streaming services are influencing the major TV stations to create better content? Do Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu raise the bar for everyone? 

The general consensus was yes, streaming services are greatly influencing major TV stations. "When Netflix went original, I really almost stopped watching television all together," said Hall, with Local 4 being the exception. Oliver mentioned that HBO might have gotten the ball rolling with The Sopranos, and Carr mentioned The Wire, as well, as the beginning of pedigree TV. 

Final topic: There are many ways you can now "cut the cord," but still get all your major TV services. Have you thought about cutting the cord or have you done it? 

Williams said she would miss TV Land and Hallmark so she hasn't cut the cord yet. Hall said that he had cut the cord already, and that he gets everything he needs through the internet. "Once my bill hit $175 for having everything I wanted, I said 'nah, I'll just stream it,'" said Hall. When asked about how he watches sports, Hall responded by saying he will buy cable for that time only and cut it again when he is done. 

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