When should you stop wearing sexy Halloween Costumes?

Today's What's the Buzz is all about Adult Halloween Costumes

Today's What's the Buzz is all about Halloween. Now is about the time when you have to settle on that costume if you've got a party to attend. So how has our perception of adult costumes changed? Joining Tati Amare and Jason Carr to talk about it are: Rachel Lutz, the owner of three Detroit businesses including the Peacock Room; Mimi Brown, a local Author and Motivational Speaker; and Jason Hall with RiDetroit.   

So, first question: How have the times changed when it comes to costumes, especially the "sexy" costumes? They used to be all the rage in the early 2000s, but there's a much different climate in the country right now. "I think there's always room for the "sexy" costume," said Brown. "But I feel like trends are moving toward, TV shows, couples costumes, they even have this thing now with ugly Halloween sweaters." Lutz feels that we shouldn't tell people what to wear. She is a fan of the clever or creative Halloween costume, saying that she may dress up as a Dittrich Furs commercial from the '80s. Lutz continued saying, "There are some many things you can come up with and be creative about, especially if you are at a party, but don't wear something that might upset somebody or kind of bring the party down." Lutz clarified, saying that it is not just sexy costumes that might offend someone, there are culturally insensitive costumes as well. Hall agreed with Lutz about costumes that are culturally or politically insensitive but believes that if you feel comfortable wearing a sexy costume, you should go for it. 

Carr brought up the question: With all the comic cons that are popping up with people dressing in cosplay, has that diminished Halloween? Lutz says, "Halloween is a made up holiday anyway, so I think you can't really go wrong."

Moving on, Amare asked, "Is there a time when you should maybe chill out on the sexy costume?" Brown says that when certain things are popping out that shouldn't be, you probably shouldn't dress up as sexy. Hall agreed but ultimately said, "You do what you do, whatever makes you feel comfortable." Lutz agreed with Hall saying you should do what you feel comfortable with. 

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