Customized skincare only in the D


There are some amazing new breakthroughs when it comes to skin care, and one of the newest is available in the D. Our friend, Dr. Charles Boyd, joined our Tati Amare in studio to show us this new customized approach to caring for our faces. 

Boyd is a plastic surgeon in Michigan with offices in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, and now Detroit.  He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.  He travels the world speaking about the latest techniques in plastic surgery.

The new machine he brought in creates a serum customized for you. "In order to get the best result you need to know each individualized person, their skin, their skin type their age, and that's what this does," said Boyd. 

The machine, called Dose by SkinCeuticals, allows Boyd to program something just for you. Each bottle it makes should last you three months. This is the first of its kind in Detroit and only the second in the nation. 

Boyd works on a variety of things from skin care to facelifts. He also carries a skin care line as well as cold sculpting, a process that is similar to liposuction without the surgery. 

Boyd's newest location in Detroit is having its grand opening Thursday.  For more information visit their website at boyddetroit.com or boydbeauty.com.



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