Endless pasta-bilities with noodles


The origin of noodles dates back over four thousand years to China and are now enjoyed all over the world, and over the generations the concept of noodles has changed dramatically. We enlisted the help of chef Davante Burnley of "The Exchange" to explore all the "pasta-bilities" with different kinds of noodles.

"The Exchange" is a pop-up dinner series where they pair craft cocktails and coursed out dinners. For more health reasons for those who can't have gluten or wheat there has been different styles of noodles popping up like zucchini, a vegetable based noodle. Burnley brought in few examples of vegan friendly zucchini noodles, Asian noodle soup, white cheddar mac and cheese and wheat pasta. 

In studio they created rasta pasta which is a Caribbean jerk-style Alfredo made with peppers, onions, pasta and Alfredo sauce with jerk spice finished with a fresh squeezed lime. 

"The Exchange" will pop-up at the Queens bar on the October, 13.