Tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween season

Protect pets on Halloween from candy, costume troubles

It’s time to start decorating homes for Halloween, and while it’s fun to dress up our houses, it could create some hazards for our pets.

Shaun Bailey, from the Michigan Humane Society, is back with us to tell us more about what to watch out for. Bailey said the most common issue during the Halloween season for pets is candy, especially chocolate and artificial sweetener Xylitol, which can potentially be toxic to dogs if not taken care of quickly. 

Electrical cords and lit candles are also a hazard that should be addressed. Pets can chew through cords and singe their fur with candles causing major injury. Bailey advised against forcing your pets to wear costumes and to watch for discomfort if they are do wear them. 

Bailey also brought a new adorable pet that needs a home. Edgar, as in the Gothic writer, Edgar Allen Poe, is a kitten who is currently looking for his forever home. Last week's pet of the week, Hocus, was quickly adopted by a veteran for free through the Michigan Humane Society’s MHS for Military Program. Hocus' new family and whoever adopts Edgar will receive a $75 gift certificate from our partners at Hagopian Cleaning Services to help with the transition to a new home. 

For more information and for other adoptable pets, visit the Michigan Humane Society website, www.michiganhumane.org

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