'Titans' are different kinds of heroes


Superheroes used to just come in capes and in comic books, but now they are on TV streaming services, T-shirts and toys, and you can't go anywhere without seeing one. DC Comics is one of the most famous comic lines, and the new show "Titans" is ready to take off on the new DC Universe streaming service. Jason Carr interviewed Brenton Thwaites, who plays Robin: and Minka Kelly, who plays Dove. 

Thwaites tells this "Titans" will be different because it's a little edgier. DC Universe gave the writers a little more freedom creating awesome fight scenes and showing a little more than they would in a typical superhero show. Kelly says that her character is a part of a duo called Hawk and Dove, and they balance each other out. They also say that this show is great for those who have grown up watching "Teen Titans" ---it has the same characters but is a more grown-up, darker version of the show. 

You can see the show on the DC Universe streaming service every Friday.