You might be surprised by what they're cooking up at Detroit's public schools

What are your kids eating for lunch?

School lunches have come a long way and are more nutritious now than ever. Since next week is National School Lunch Week, we thought we would check out some examples of the meals kids are getting in the Detroit Public Schools Community District. Kevin Frank is the district chef and joined us in the studio on behalf of our friends at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan. 

Frank showed us an example of what we should expect to see in a meal: a basic chef salad served with fat-free milk, a dinner roll and an apple. The milk also comes from the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, and Frank says all of their milk is locally sourced, as well as a majority of their produce. He also brought in a cherry blossom chicken meal served with a vegetarian egg roll, garden salad, apple and everyone's favorite, chocolate milk. Additionally, he brought in a ham and cheese hoagie meal, which includes a garden salad, canned peaches and 1% milk. 

Frank says it's important to have healthy lunches not only do they have a regulation with the Healthy Hunger for Kids Act, but because kids today know a lot more about food and they have higher expectations. 

You can create healthy lunches at home as well. To find great recipes, visit the website https://www.milkmeansmore.org/