The laces empowering kids to take a stand against bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and a local mother and son have created a homegrown business that is empowering kids in a unique way. Tresa Galloway, the owner of Love Laces joined us in the studio along with her son, Warren Galloway, III to tell us about the laces. 

Tresa said that Love Laces is an inscribed positive affirmation shoe lace brand. She was inspired to create these laces because her son, Warren, was bullied in school and she wanted to empower her son. Tresa knew that when a person is sad they tend to look down, so she thought what could be better than positive messages on their feet that light up and help them remember all the great things inside of them. 

Warren said that Love Laces has helped him to remember all the positive things about himself and not think about what the bullies are saying. Here's how they work, they have a button in the front, and you click them to change the speed of the light blinking or turn it off. 

For more information you can find them on their website.