Watch these women have half their hair removed live on air!


You may have heard of clip-in hair extensions, tape-ins or even weaves to transform your hair into a fuller, flowing style. Now there's something new that you can do yourself at home without glue, or any complications. 

Local 4 style editor Jon Jordan joined us in the studio along with three models and salon owner Luigi Bruni to show us how it's done. Jordan showed us the "halo effect" with hair halos. They showed us in studio how easy they are to use by removing them from the models' heads live on air. 

The first model's hair was damaged due to bleach, so she added two halos to her hair to give her more length and fullness. The second model used a halo to give her some length. The last model also used the halo to give her hair longer length and fullness. 

If you have any questions about hair halos you can contact the Luigi Bruni Salon in Birmingham.