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When you find your passion, magic can happen. In the case of Tom Moro, his magic came in the form of some delicious food. 

"I enjoy the cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen," said Moro. "I just enjoy my trade. It's fun!"

So when he had the chance to buy his own restaurant, he went for it, buying a place on Allen Road in Allen Park in 1980. 

"I was always looking for a restaurant. I always wanted a nice restaurant," said Moro.

It's a small intimate place with white tablecloth-covered tables lit by candle light. Its small size allows Moro to keep the quality high, something that is very important to him.

"By me keeping it small, it's like putting our signature on each dish," said Moro.

The food Moro's serves is predominantly Italian, but he drew influences from all over. 

"I worked New York, I worked Chicago, I worked Philadelphia. I spent 4 years in the Navy. I worked for years at Mario's on Second Avenue in Detroit. I was taught by Mario a lot of these recipes. He was the mistro. And I just combined everything and this is what we came up with," explained Moro. 

Moro's small size also allows them to do tableside service for every course. Their Veal Olympia is a popular tableside entree, and their Banana Tropicale is famous.  

Moro's is located at 6535 Allen Road in Allen Park, Michigan.




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