Hey Doc, I got a question: Ask a Vet how to keep your pets healthy

The Michigan Humane Society vet answers viewers questions about their pets

We are all for pets at Live in the D, and we know you want to keep yours happy and healthy. We gave viewers a chance to ask a vet questions about concerns they may have pertaining to their pets. 

We welcomed back Dr. Kelley Meyers, a veterinarian with the Michigan Human Society, to the show on Thursday. The first question one of our viewers had concerned  her two cats, ages 2 and 15 who are going potty outside of the litter box. Dr. Meyers said this is the  No.1 complaint with cat owners. She also said it could be due to health reasons but it could also be due to conflicts among cats. Dr. Meyers suggested taking the cats, especially the older one, to the vet to rule out illness and to add another litter box to give the cats more potty options.

The next question was from a viewer whose 2 year-old dog was licking its paws so much that it became infected. She wanted to know whether this was due to allergies or a nervous habit. Dr. Meyers said it may be allergies but to visit the vet before the paws are red and infected. The vet will treat the wounds on the paws and find out from what allergy the dog is suffering.

The last question was about an 8-year-old dog that has a disease that causes infections due to an overactive immune system. He is on medication; otherwise, he would develop sores. The viewer wanted know if there were alternatives to the medication. Dr. Meyers said the sores could be caused by the medication or by an autoimmune disease and the dog needs to get some tests done right away.

The Michigan Humane Society has veterinary care services at its locations in Westland, Rochester Hills and Detroit. To make an appointment, and to learn about al the programs they offer, visit their website MichiganHumane.org.