Take a peek at the spooky new 'Halloween' film this weekend

Friday on Live in the D, Greg Russell, our resident movie reviewer, gave us a look at two new films in theaters this weekend. 

The first was a movie that is a sequel to another movie that first premiered 40 years ago this weekend. Jamie Lee Curtis is back with "Halloween." Greg said fans of the original film really like this sequel. He said it tips its hat to the original 1978 film. It contains all of the horror tropes you remember from the original film. 

He gave the film 3 reels out of 5 and said that it was a fun horror movie. 

The next film is "The Oath." This film looks and sounds like a horror film, but it's actually a political comedy that is causing a lot of buzz. Greg expects the film to be relatively popular due to Tiffany Haddish in the leading role.