How you can see Detroit's murals all in one spot

Murals and beautiful street art can be found all over Detroit, but knowing where to find it can be a combination of a treasure hunt and just pure luck, until now.

Meet the mural photographer whose mission is to document every mural in Detroit so you can roam and enjoy the art in the D.

Viranel Clerard said when he looks at a mural he sees it as a gift that someone is giving to the community.

He started the Detroit Mural Project in 2015 because he said when murals are painted in neighborhoods it helps revitalizes them and shows someone cares about the community. 

Clerard says that when a mural is added to a neighborhood it makes the environment more friendly and inviting. 

He said his murals are mostly for Detroiters as a way to help revitalize and archive the city. His goal is to make art non-intimidating to the community.

Clerard sees these murals as a gift to the community the same way the Joe Louis fist is to Detroit.