"Holy cow, Batman!" Burt Ward is back as Robin and he's here to save pets

For years, he dressed in a mask and cape alongside Adam West in the classic television series,"Batman". Burt Ward is now back as the Boy Wonder and ready to be a hero for your dogs.

"Batman vs. Two-face" is the new animated film and Ward will be voicing his famous character, Robin. William Shatner is portraying Two-Face and Adam West apprised his iconic role as Batman.

Ward gave some advice for your pets for Halloween. He advises keeping your pets away from the door while trick-or-treaters are out. He also said to keep all chocolate and candy out of the reach of any pets. 

Ward, along with his wife, operates the largest dog rescue in the world called "Gentle Giants." They have personally rescued more than 15,500 dogs over the last 24 years.

He said that he has found a way to help dogs live much healthier lives. Ward said he makes a special dog food called "Gentle Giants" that is a healthier option for your dogs.

Burt Ward said used to save Gotham, but he's now out there saving everyone's pets.