Here's how to keep your pets warm and cozy

The weather is getting colder, and you'll want to keep your pets warm and cozy. We've got great ways to do just that, thanks to our friends from Premier Pet Supply. Owner Mike Palmer and his partner, Brandon Thorne, from the Novi store location, tell us what they have to offer and why it's important to keep your pets warm and dry. 

Palmer says people might think dressing up your dogs is a novelty, but it really is important. Short--haired dogs could easily get cold. Smaller dogs are closer to the ground and often don't have that thick of a coat. Thorne told us they have dog sweaters that are knit by hand. They also have jackets that are insulated and water-resistant. They're not waterproof, but they do work great for when it's snowing or raining.

However, they do have some rain jackets. Palmer and Thorne brought in their own two dogs to model what these jackets look like. One of the dogs rocked a raincoat, which comes in a little pouch that can hang on your leash. If you get caught in the rain and don't want the dog to get soaked this is a perfect accessory. The other pup was wearing a knit sweater. Palmer also says it's important to take care of your dog's paws. Ice balls can actually form in between their toes, and that hurts. Even salt from the streets can dry out and crack your pet's paws, so you want to make sure to protect them with dog shoes. Palmer also mentioned that if your pet will not tolerate wearing these items, don't force them, because you don't want to stress your pet out. 

All of these items are available at any Premier Pet Supply locations. There are Premier Pet Supply locations in Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi and Livonia. To find the location nearest you and to learn more about what they offer, visit premierpetsupply.com.