Make this dish just like the pros, but in your own kitchen!

Get the ingredients to make your own sushi at home

Sushi, teriyaki chicken, and ramen noodles are some restaurant favorites. Japanese food is officially mainstream in our culture, but making it at home is another story. Luckily, One World Market in Novi, the largest Japanese grocery store in Michigan, has everything the aspiring Japanese home cook needs. 

One thing Japanese cuisine is really well-known for is ramen noodles, and One World Market has a ton of options. Besides several unique flavors, such as crystal noodles with spicy sesame paste, they also have a frozen ramen noodle section. You can add extra ingredients to jazz up the noodles at home. 

They also have other favorites, including pot stickers, stir-fry, dumplings and more. You can buy most items frozen or buy all the ingredients needed to make them. So there is no confusion, the store has English labels on its products. 

Other things you will find there are sushi and sushi-grade fish. The store manager said this is where sushi chefs frequently buy their sushi. The fish is all shashimi grade, which, as the manager said, "is the good stuff."

The store also has a variety of other items that you'd find at a regular grocery store, such as soy sauce and other seasonings. The staff can help you select what will work for you. 

One World Market is located at 42705 Grand River Avenue Suite #102b, Novi, MI 48375.


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