"I take a..." McDonald's shares secret menu and new breakfast sandwiches

Learn from inside the McDonald's test kitchen about its secret menu


We've often heard of secret menu items at restaurants, but how often have you ordered off the menu? Some people have heard of the secret menu at McDonald's where you take traditional menu items and create and new sandwich of your own. McDonald's head chef, Michael Haracz, spoke to Jason Carr about how there is a secret menu and the options are almost endless.

Chef Haracz says that the most common secret menu item is Mac sauce, the key ingredient in the Big Mac. He says you can add it to any sandwich on the menu; Chef Haracz also says people have asked to add hash browns to their sandwiches, even adding different proteins like chicken or fish to their orders. 

The secret menu led the restaurant to create a new breakfast sandwich called the Triple Breakfast Stack, which has multiple meats added to their McMuffins, McGriddles and biscuits. This is the first breakfast sandwich added to the McDonald's menu in over five years.