Should social media be a place for politics?

"What's the Buzz" discusses politics

Ahead of the midterm election, everyone is talking, or trying to avoid talking about politics, so our "What's the Buzz" panel wanted to discuss how to deal with politics and the upcoming election. On today's panel was Kim Trent, a writer and Wayne State regent, and singer and musician Tasha Lord.

Jason Carr and Tati Amare moderated the panel today and started the group off with the first question: Are you anxious about the midterm elections because of the current political climate? How do you cope?  Trent said that while she was confident her side would do well in the mid-terms, she hates where we are as a country.

"There is so much division, so much anger," Trent elaborated. 

Trent is very passionate about her politics and likes to discuss them but wishes we could move past the place we are in now. 

Lord said she is eager for the elections, saying, "The elections are an opportunity we have fought for."

Next question: Should social media be a place for politics? We asked our viewers this question over Facebook, and Michelle Oliver brought us their responses. Most people said they wanted to keep politics off of social media, but one said yes, explaining her point of view as such: "Of course. It’s the place for everything and anything. Politics effects (sic) people directly. It’s impossible to separate political issues from those people effected (sic)  by them." Here is what other viewers had to say:

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Lord said she agreed with the last commenter, saying there are some great resources on social media. Trent said her page is hers and she will post her opinions on it. 

Our final question: How do you deal with politics and family, especially as the holidays are coming up? Trent said she had to leave a family meal early one time because of a political discussion. She said so much of her job revolves around politics that when it comes to the holidays, she wants to just focus on the holiday itself and the people around her. Fortunately, now, she says her leaving is something they joke about. 

Lord said you have to enter such conversations without a "winning state of mind." She continued saying that it is important to discuss political issues because they affect our lives a lot and we are voting not just for who will serve us best, but for who will serve our community best. 

The important message of the whole discussion was that everyone needs to get out and vote!

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