This new Midtown restaurant has people lining up to try their noodles!


There is a new restaurant in Midtown Detroit that has people lining up to get inside, literally! So what is all the fuss about? The answer is house-made authentic ramen.

Urban Ramen opened their second location just a few months ago, and this Los Aangeles-based chain is doing very well in Detroit. 

"The owners have traveled to Detroit before, fell in love with the city and wanted to do business here, especially in Midtown," explained Urban Ramen operations manager Rusty Montreal. 

It is a small restaurant with only 22 seats. It has a very simple red and white interior with a giant mural of Buddha eating a bowl of ramen, designed by local muralist Sintex,  as a focal point. There is an open kitchen and an all-glass room where they make their fresh noodles. 

Yes, they make their noodles fresh every day and then age them for three days. The owners, who are all Japanese, studied ramen and wanted to make it like they do in Japan. 

Their menu is quite small, with three different bowls of ramen to choose from, including a vegan one, and a handful of small plates, which include Japanese fried chicken and a poke bowl. This is to help with the restaurant's efficiency, so if you do have to wait in line, it doesn't take too long. 

If you would like to try out Urban Ramen, they are located at 4206 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.  

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