Cheers! See Blake's Hard Cider in Armada make a delicious drink for adults

The historic apple orchard is taking cider to a new level


Beer may not be everyone's go-to beverage, but one Michigan company is working "hard" to change people's minds about beer and they are using apples to do it.

Our Kila Peeples went to Armada, home of one of the fastest-growing hard cider makers in the country, and learned how to make cider for grownups.

Blake's Cider Mill in Armada is already in the forefront of the apple cider game. They have been a working apple orchard and making award-winning sweet cider since 1946. 

In 2013, they decided to embark in a hard cider journey and since then they have become the largest craft cider producer in the Midwest. 

Kila met up with the production manager for the hard cider-making process and he showed her the basics of making hard cider. 

This all starts with fresh apples picked on site. Once the apples are juiced, one half goes to become non-alcoholic cider and the other half goes to the fermentation drums to become hard cider.  

After the very long process the cider is done and ready to enjoy 25 days later. 

Jason and Tati tried a couple of the different types of ciders. Jason tried the "El Chavo" which is infused with habanero peppers and mangos and Tati tried the "Grizzly Pear" 

Blake's Cider Mill has a tasting room, and they are having a five-year anniversary party Friday Nov 30.