Tasty DIY gifts from your own kitchen

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From endless parties to the stress of finding the right gift, the holidays can be hectic, but this year, why not slow down and connect more with family and friends by creating delicious gifts you can create in your own kitchen? Chef Callie Gavorek, with our friends at the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, joined our Tati Amare  today to show us some delicious handmade gifts you can give away this holiday season.  

One gift that everybody will love is a basket of cookies. Gavorek made a plain butter shortbread cookie that she cut into fun shapes. After they cooled, she dipped them in dark chocolate and sprinkled on some crushed peppermint candy for a nice crunch.

If you are going to a holiday party and need a dish to share, why not make your own cheese board? When making a cheese board, consider getting cheeses of different heights and color. After you set out your cheeses, you will want to garnish the board. You can use crackers, nuts, berries, jams, fresh herbs, fruit and anything else that catches your fancy. 

You can also make and can your own sauces to give away as gifts. Gavorek showed us a bourbon caramel sauce that goes well with French toast. It is made with vanilla, butter and bourbon. If you are not that much of  cook, you can make your own custom spice mixes to give away as gifts as well. The spices can be added to sour cream or a Greek yogurt to make a tasty dip. 

To get recipes for any of Gavorek's ideas, as well as downloadable gift tags and other great ideas, visit the website milkmeansmore.org.

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