An Award-winning playwright's work takes the stage in the D

Detroit is famous for its music, but you may not realize it also has quite a legacy when it comes to professional theater. You've likely heard of the Fisher, but there are other smaller professional theaters making big waves in the D with first-class performances

On Friday's show, Jason and Tati were joined by Molly Smith Metzler, an award-winning playwright whose play is showing at the Detroit Public Theatre.

"Cry It Out" is a comedy about new parents living in a suburban town on Long Island. She says it's about the socioeconomics of being a new parent and the struggles with maternity leave in the United States.  Metzler says the play is a love letter to friendship between new moms and a way to express the difficult decisions made by new parents.

She said she loves the Detroit Public Theatre because it is completely run by three working mothers.

Meltzer currently writes for "Shameless" and has written for "Orange is the New Black." She said the biggest difference between writing for television and the stage is how fast everything for TV has to be done. She said it is a much longer process when writing for the stage.    

"Cry It Out" is showing at the Detroit Public Theatre through Dec 9.