Look at these new hot toys for the holiday season

Black Friday is just one week away and Cyber Monday is hot on its heels. So what are the hottest toys to look for this year? Maddie Michalik, associate editor of "The Toy Insider," knows the hottest toys of the season and where to get them.

"The Toy Insider" is a website that posts toy reviews all year and has a holiday gift guide that divides the gifts by age range. Michalik brought a selection of some of the biggest toys of the holiday season to show everyone what the kids are asking for on their Christmas lists.

The first toy was Hair Adorables. There are 36 different big-haired dolls to collect and each box is a mystery that you must open it to see which doll you get.

Another mystery surprise is "Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise". It is a globe filled with clear Orbeez. When you pour water in it, the collectible is then revealed. 

The next toy was the Mix & Mash slime set. This is slime that kids can make, and then add glitter and customize it to their liking. 

A great toys for kids a little older is the Crayola Crayon Marker. Kids can put crayons in the tool, which looks similar to a hot glue gun, and  it will melt the crayon. Kids can then draw with the melted crayon.

Now on to some remote controlled fun! Kids can save Gotham City with the Lego Batmobile. It is 321 pieces and once constructed can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. 

Drones are quickly gaining in popularity and this drone is good for beginners. The Sky Viper Fury Drone is fun to learn how to fly and perform cool stunts like flips. 

Michalik recommends people check their junk folder to find good deals from different retailers.