Birmingham restaurant cooks up Thanksgiving side dishes with a twist

Hazel, Ravines and Downtown puts a spin on traditional holiday side dishes

Almost everyone is looking forward to the delicious foods that are going to be served on Thanksgiving Day, but some of us may be tired of the same old side dishes. There might ways to change up your traditional sides into new, delicious accents to your meal.

Chef Emmele Herrold, from the new restaurant, Hazel, Ravines and Downtown in Birmingham, showed Tati Amare how to make Thanksgiving sides with a little twist to them.

First, Herrold showed us how to make a healthy, fresh green bean casserole by cooking the green beans first with olive oil and seasonings and then cooking them in a creamy, light sauce made from sauteed mushrooms.

Next, Herrold put a new and easy spin on cheesy potatoes. She baked multicolored fingerling potatoes in olive oil, seasoned them with salt and pepper, then reduced heavy cream on the stove into a sauce. Then she added multiple cheeses to make a delicious melted sauce that's poured on top of the potatoes. It's finished with crumbled Better Made potato chips and chives.

Hazel, Ravine and Downtown is located at 34977 Woodward Ave. in Downtown Birmingham.