Here's our Live in the D family's Thanksgiving dishes

Thanksgiving is all about the food, so we decided to share the recipes to some of the staples at our Thanksgiving dinners.

Kila's Crock-Pot Cocktail

Kila likes starting off her Thanksgiving with a homemade mulled wine. 


Witches Brew Wine (already spiced)
Captain Morgan's spiced rum


Combine wine, some rum and cinnamon to taste in a Crock-Pot. Let cook until warm. Serve over a slice of orange.


Michelle's Pear Sauce

Michelle's husband, Jake, came up with the idea of pear sauce when he was a little kid because he liked pears and wanted to make his own version of apple sauce with pears instead. When Jake and Michelle started going to Thanksgivings together, she asked what dish they should bring and pear sauce was brought back. Every year she changes it up a bit, since no one remembers the original recipe, but here is how it is generally made.


10 14.5 oz. cans of Sliced Pears -No Sugar added
1 lemon
1 cinnamon stick
Ground cinnamon
Ground nutmeg
Ground ginger
Real maple syrup
Brown sugar

Pour all the pears (with juice) into a Crock-Pot, taking out a bit of liquid but making sure the pears are covered. Add the juice of one lemon, the cinnamon stick. To taste, add ground cinnamon (approx. 1-2 tbs.), ground nutmeg (approx. 1 tsp.), ground ginger (approx. 1/2 tsp.), vanilla (approx. 1 tsp.). Let it cook on high heat for hours until the pears break apart easily with a fork. Mash the pears using a potato masher and add real maple syrup and/or brown sugar to sweeten it to desired taste. Add any more of the spices to make it taste the way you want. It can be served warm or cold, on turkey, over ice cream or as a side dish.   

Jody made her Dad's octopus salad. Jason made Hungry Jack's Instant Mashed Potatoes with jarred gravy. Tati made her friend's secret recipe bread pudding with a vanilla whiskey glaze.

What dish has to be on your Thanksgiving table?

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