Help your kids thrive over the holiday school break

Are your kids looking for things to do while they're home over the holidays?

In December, schools are out for holiday breaks and you'll want to keep your own kids engaged so they continue to thrive. Our friends Kecia Rorie and Lance Reed, from Thrive by Five, joined us in the studio to show us creative ways to keep them entertained, busy and learning at the same time. 

Rorie says it's important to keep kids engaged over the winter break. This way while at home kids don't forget what they have learned during their vacation. It's important to keep them busy with activities and structure so that going back to school will feel more natural. 

Reed says doing these activities is a perfect time to bond with your child. One of the activities includes miniature book making to help increase literacy, comprehension and creativity. All you need are sheets of paper, as well as color and writing utensils. Another activity you can do is making some hot or warm cocoa. This way, kids can practice measuring and counting marshmallows. 

To learn more about what the Thrive by Five program can do for the kids in your life, and how to enroll, visit their website: https://www.thrivebyfivedetroit.org/. Or call  734-713-9740.