Blockbuster movies on the horizon this holiday season

From a sequel to a classic to a superhero in the sea, big movies hit the screens

It's the home stretch of 2018 and there are plenty of movies to see before we step into the new year. Not only are there blockbuster movies to check out in the theaters, but Netflix is offering action-packed movies with big stars.

Live in the D's resident movie reviewer, Greg Russell, spoke with Jason Carr about some of the films that will be hitting screens over the next few weeks.

First up was "Mary Poppins Returns," starring Emily Blunt, Lin Manuel-Miranda and Meryl Streep. The movie is the sequel to the kid classic "Mary Poppins" and follows up with the children in the original, who are now grown-ups. Poppins comes back into their lives, in the nick of time to help them get through tough times. Russell says it is a delightful film that brings out your inner kid and great memories.

Next was "Vice," starring Christian Bale as Vice President  Dick Cheney. It follows Cheney from the time he was courted to be VP by former President George W. Bush to his influence as second in command. The movie also stars Sam Rockwell, Amy Adams and Steve Carrell. 

Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman is almost unrecognizable in her new movie "Destroyer." She plays a police officer who is after people who were involved in a crime 20 years earlier. Russell says Kidman really puts everything into this role.

The next film isn't going to be on the silver screen, but can be on your screen at home because it is on Netflix. The film is called "Bird Box," starring Sandra Bullock. This is a horror movie where invisible spirits are infecting people. Russell says the plot is very intriguing and you are on the edge of your seat waiting to find out the next twist and turn. 

The final film is the new superhero film "Aquaman" starring Jason Momoa. This is film is getting positive buzz. Russell credits this to D.C. taking more artistic liberties with the character.