Helping courageous kids in the D

There's something about a child's smile that can melt your heart and when you're able to bring a smile to a child facing some serious challenges in their lives that is priceless. Our friends at The Rainbow Connection joined us in the studio this morning to tell us a about a new big announcement. George Miller isexecutive director from Rainbow Connection and he brought along  two wish kids Medina Shuti and Camila Gonzales 

Miller says that the mission of the Rainbow Connection is that they try to make dreams come true for kids with life threatening conditions. They really want to help them celebrate life, which is a big part of what they do. 

They came on the show to share a big announcement that has to do with plush lions. The Rainbow Connection decided to have a mascot. They picked the lion from the animal kingdom because it represents courage. The organization also held a contest to name it and Shuti won with her suggestion, Kai. Shuti says that Kai is a common name in different cultures and it holds a lot of meaning in each language. Some of the meanings are warrior, recovery and new beginnings and Shuti felt that all of these meanings embody what it is to be a wish kid and what The Rainbow Connection does for the wish kids. 

The Rainbow Connection is also encouraging kids to take selfies with Kai, so when the kids go on their wishes they can bring Kai with them and document  their experience. Gonzales plans to bring Kai with her on her wish to Disney World. 

You can help a child's wish come true by supporting The Rainbow Connection> Visit their website: And you can see the stories of the children who have been helped by the organization, and make your donation.