This woman is empowering girls to find their most beautiful selves

Mitch Albom has a number of special causes that he supports and highlights. This one features a woman who empowers girls to find their most beautiful selves in the Heart of Detroit. 

Karen Palka said she saw a change in her two daughters when they started third grade. She said they started to not value themselves like they did before.

So she founded  "A Beautiful Me." Her after-school workshops focus on empowerment topics to help the self-esteem and self-worth of girls in third grade grade and older.

Palka said she watches the girls grow before her eyes and knows the classes give them the ability to handle different situations. 

With the help of partners and 30 volunteers each year,  "A Beautiful Me" reaches 1,000 girls.

Both the founder Palka, and one of the facilitators of the program Rebecca Asni, joined Tati to discuss more about what they do to help these girls. 

They have a text message program that sends you a positive message every month.

When asked how parents can help at home, Asni said it is important not to talk down to yourself in front of children because they will model what parents and other adults do. 

Palka said these classes will not only affect the girls' self-esteem it has helped some improve their grades and promote healthy life habits.

For more information, you can go to the website, as well as join their text group by texting ABME to 484848.