Do you keep track of your holiday shopping?

Is it time to start limiting holiday gifts for kids? Or does it matter if you and Santa get them everything they ask for? We're talking holiday shopping on "What's the Buzz." Joining Jason Carr and Kim DeGiulio on our panel was Jason Hall, with RiDetroit; Blaine Fowler, host of the "Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3WDVD; and Vanessa Cohen, a community insurance advocate whose sons were on "Chicago Fire."

To get the conversation started our hosts asked the panelists, "Do you get your kids everything they want?" Cohen said that she realized with younger kids it's all about quantity, where with older kids it is all about quality. Fowler agreed, joking that you could get away with giving younger children boxes of air, as long as they had something to unwrap. Sometimes the box itself can be a fun toy for the kids, as well, as Carr detailed how he turned a box into a robot costume to play with his daughter Gia.

Next topic: Do you keep track of how many gifts you're buying? Fowler said, "Yes, there's a count," though he admitted that his wife is the one who mostly keeps track of it all. He also said that as the kids got older, they became less concerned with the amount spent. Cohen has twins, so they always get the same stuff; even her older kids tend to get very similar gifts. Carr said when he was growing up he remembered the big gifts he got while the others he forgot about. The group then talked fondly about their favorite toys they got growing up.

Onto the final topic: Should you limit gifts for kids? Cohen said she has a four-gift rule, "Something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read." She said she liked the concept of it since it causes the kids to think about what gifts belong in each category. 

We also wanted to know what you thought on this topic, so we posted it on our Facebook page and Michelle Oliver read some of their responses.

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