Check out some of the hottest 'unboard' games for the holiday season

Shopping for something fun and unique for holiday gifts can be daunting but there are some seriously fun games out there this year.

Maddie Michalik, associate editor with the Toy Insider, joined Tati Amare to talk about and try out some of the most fun and unique games for the holiday season. 

These games are called unboard games because these are not traditional games and you will not be bored playing these games.

The first game is called "Fish Feud" which is a game where players launch their squishy fish through the mouth of a big fish. 

The next game, "Tic-Tac-Tongue," has the players put on lizard mouths and try to use their tongues to knock over the different cards. 

In "Flying Sushi Kitchen" the player uses chopsticks to snag the flying sushi out of the air. The first player to complete their order wins.

Another cool game is called "Tumball." In this game, a player stacks white beads until everything falls down. 

In the game "Snot it" players put on glasses with plastic "snot" on them and try to pick up plastic "boogers". 

Lastly, "Handimonium" is a take on the SNL skit where players put on tiny hands and try to achieve simple tasks that quickly become hard to do.     

People can check out more toys like this on the Toy Insider website.